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Welcome to DarkJB!

We're pleased that you're here, and hope you will enjoy our forum.
As a DarkJB Member, it is your responsibility to read, know, and abide by the rules below.
It is also your responsibility to check back regularly as these rules can and will change.
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask a Mod or Admin. . . We're here to help you.

Site Rules:

01. This service is offered to you free of charge. We also expect that you do not use this site as host to non-free services!

02. Always be polite. We will not tolerate rude people. Posting any form of malicious code is forbidden.

03. Never post any illegal content. Especially child porn and files from pro sites which hold a copyright.
We do not allow content of several modeling websites

04. We do not allow paying money to gain access to the VIP area (Donations)!
Only contributors to our site can enter VIP area

05. The language of this forum is English. All Posts must be made in English or a translation must be provided.

06. Members have to be active by posting in the forums regularly in order to have access to content forums.

Content Posting Rules:

07. All nudity is assumed to be of legal age of consent until proven otherwise.

08. Age mentioning, mentioning Private information e.g. Names, Addresses or Phone Numbers is not permitted, regardless of the context.

09. All content posts must have a preview of the hyper-linked files.

10. You must post threads in the appropriate category.

11. All content must be on topic. Avoid posting any unwanted content

12. Linking content using URL/link shortener/crypter is not permitted.

13. If there is a password needed it must be "darkjb". Lowercase and without the quotes.

14. All content posts must have a free AND user-friendly download option. *see Rule #1.
All links to downloads that require an account to download are considered as offline and will be removed.

15. Everyone is asked to Report any content which does not follow the rules mentioned hereby.

* Updated Wed Feb 11, 2015

Please make sure you have read, fully understand and agree to all the terms set out in our Terms Of Use before continuing. If you do not agree to any of the above mentioned terms please leave this site immediately.

Besides that, you are required to read and periodically visit the Announcements, Rules & Tutorials to get in touch with the latest news and updates on our site!

Address any relevant correspondence to:
or private message Administrators.
The private messaging function can be found here:

As a forum, we do not allow any content to be posted on our servers. All images shared on this forum are assumed to be legally obtained with the full knowledge and consent of the affiliated party(s) of legal age. What is discovered to be otherwise will be immediately removed.

We cater the term "Jailbait" to represent a legal adult whose appearance fulfills a particular niche or perversion in the category of regarding to appear to be of a younger age.

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